Customised VW T6 Windscreen Cover

Browse our range of stock VW T6 Insulated with privacy screen covers, all of which are available on a 2-3 working day lead time.

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Save up to 20% on our stocked VW Campervan windscreen covers. 

We have a small range of VW T6 (for vehicles with no sun visors or REMIS blinds) windscreen covers available on a 2-3 working day lead time. 

Insulated VW T6 windscreen covers (with privacy screen) are a must have item for any Transporter owner, keeping your vehicle cool in the summer and warm in winter. But not all screen covers are created equal.

With Custom Camping, they can be so much more than a means of regulating the temperature! Unlike other available products, our windscreen covers undergo a dye-sublimation process that integrates the print into the Hurricane fabric rather than simply sitting on top. This innovative technique grants us the ability to provide an unparalleled range of designs while guaranteeing the long-lasting visual allure of our product. 

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Are Volkswagen campervan windscreen covers easy to install?

Absolutely! Our windscreen covers are designed with convenience in mind. You'll be pleased to know that they are incredibly easy to install, taking less than two minutes to set up.

Simply slip the cover over the passenger and driver doors, and secure it in place using Velcro around both wing mirrors. It's a hassle-free process that ensures a snug and secure fit for your Volkswagen campervan.

Can campervan windscreen covers be used in all weather conditions?

Certainly! At our company, we prioritise using top-notch materials that are specifically designed for outdoor use. When it comes to the external part of our windscreen covers, we employ the use of Hurricane FR, a premium quality material. This fabric is not only fire retardant, but it also boasts excellent resistance to water and harmful UV rays

When will I receive my order?

Our Volkswagen screen covers are made to order due to the huge number of variants. This means our covers are delivered on a 6 to 8 week lead time from the date of purchase. Don't worry, it will be worth the wait.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is free of charge.

What models do you currently offer?

We currently offer the following product options:

  • VW T6 campervan windscreen cover
  • VW T5 campervan windscreen cover
  • VW T4 campervan windscreen cover
  • VW T3 campervan windscreen cover
  • VW T2 campervan windscreen cover
  • VW T1 campervan windscreen cover
  • VW Caddy campervan windscreen cover
  • VW Crafter windscreen cover
  • VW LT windscreen cover