Choosing the Perfect Campervan Colour

Choosing the Perfect Campervan Colour

When embarking on the exciting journey of campervan ownership in the United Kingdom, one of the most important decisions you'll make is selecting the colour of your beloved mobile home on wheels. Your campervan's colour is more than just an aesthetic choice; it can influence everything from its resale value to its comfort on the road. In this blog, we'll explore the art of choosing the perfect campervan colour in the UK and why certain colours tend to dominate the scene.

The Practical Side:

1. Visibility: Safety is paramount on the UK's roads, and your campervan's colour can have a significant impact on visibility. Lighter colours such as white, silver, and gray are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly visible, making them a popular choice for many campervan owners.

2. Maintenance: Our lovely British weather is known for its unpredictability. As such, a colour that conceals dirt and road grime can be a lifesaver. Colours like white and silver are adept at hiding those inevitable mud splatters from your countryside adventures.

Aesthetic Considerations:

1. Timelessness: Some colours, like white and silver, never go out of style. Choosing a classic colour can help your campervan maintain its appeal over the years, and it may make it easier to resell in the future.

2. Personal Style: Your campervan is an extension of your personality, so don't be afraid to express yourself through your choice of colour. While white and silver are popular for their practicality, you can find campervans in various shades of blue, green, and even vibrant custom colours to match your unique taste.

Trends in the UK

1. White: White campervans are often associated with a clean, minimalist look, and they remain a popular choice among campervan enthusiasts in the UK. White reflects the country's practical sensibilities and its preference for timeless elegance.

When selecting a campervan windscreen cover design to go with your white vehicle, the possibilities are endless, however we love the colour contrast provided from our Northern Lights design.

northern lights cmapervan windscreen cover on white van

2. Silver and Grey: Silver and grey campervans are sleek and modern, and their neutral tones make them well-suited to any environment. They are particularly favoured for their low maintenance.

Our favourite pick for silver and grey vans is the extremely popular geometric design.

3. Blue and Green: These colours add a touch of personality to your campervan. Blues and greens are reminiscent of the UK's beautiful natural landscapes and can be a great choice if you want your campervan to blend in with the scenery during your outdoor adventures.

Green Northern Lights Campervan Screen Cover


Choosing the perfect campervan colour in the UK is a personal decision influenced by practical considerations, safety, aesthetics, and trends. While white, silver, and grey remain popular for their timeless appeal and practicality, don't hesitate to explore a range of colours to match your unique style and preferences. After all, your campervan is not just a vehicle; it's your home on wheels, and its colour can reflect your sense of adventure and individuality while ensuring a safe and comfortable journey on the UK's roads.

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